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The Mountain Bike

The Hossack Mountain Bike


The Story


Back in about 2010 Norman's work mates chided him about building a mountain bike. Norman watched them on their mountain bikes and said "he could do better with his system".  So they said "show us". Norman took up the challenge and set the following targets.


            1.             100mm Wheel travel.

            2.             Same weight

            3.             Less flex  (mountain bike forks are prone to flex at full extension)

            4.             Make it fit a standard frame


So Norman bought a Kona King Kikapu and got going on the CAD work. Point number 4 precluded using the suspension design that he is known for but Norman came up with a good compromise. Once again it was all 4130 chrome moly tube TIG welded with the legs having a aero cross section.

Norman claims to have met all the targets and is pleased with the final product.

Further development is underway regarding the damper and spring package. Norman thought that an air shock, common on modern bikes, would work but found the effect of sticktion a serious limit to the front end feel. The bike now has a twin tube Fox Vanilla which works well but Norman wants less spring and damping. 

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