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The Triumph

The LAST HOSSACK, for a while


The Triumph


The last bike Norman converted was a Triumph Trident 900 in 1994. The bike was owned by the late Kieth Duckworth and was tested by the Triumph motorcycle company.

Its engine provided an ideal mount for the lower wishbone and it is a conversion he is proud of. It was not liked in important places because its handling was too light and quick, when they wanted it to handle like a 1960s British bike. It deserved a touch of R&D but had almost no changes from the time it left Norman's computer. Basically a completely undeveloped machine and there was no money to run different tires or do any geometry changes or put a fairing on it. For his part Norman thought it had excellent potential, felt very secure and was very light and easy to ride. However back in 1994 Norman was broke and development ended. That Triumph was the last HOSSACK.

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